Product List

Product List

Alcohol ethoxylated
Fatty alcohol

Pearlising agents
Special surfactants blends
UV absorbers / Substantive UV absorbers
Fabric softener
Specialty chemicals : BKC, Polyquaternium

PEG Esters
Sorbitan Esters
Polyol Esters
Polyglycerol Esters
Mono Esters
Glyceryl Esters
Acetate & Formate Esters & Salts

Citric acid monohydrate
Citric acid anhydrous
Hydrogen Peroxide
CDE – coconut diethanolamine

Primary Amine
Secondary Amine & Poly-amine
Tertiary Amine – Mono Alkyl
Tertiary Amine – Di Alkyl & Tri Alkyl
Nonionic Surfactants – Ethoxylated Fatty Amine
Amine Oxide & Alkyl Betaine
Special Amine
Special Amine & Ethanol Amine
N-Alkyl Pyrrolidone
Alkyl Phosphate Potassium
Quaternary Ammonium – Alkyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride
Quaternary Ammonium – Alkyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
Quaternary Ammonium – Dialkyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride
Quaternary Ammonium – Special Quats
Quaternary Ammonium – Fabric Softener

Fatty alcohol sulfates
Fatty alcohol ether sulfates
Foam and viscosity boosters


Zyron Electronic Gases



High Purity Acids / Alkalis
– Acetic acid
– Hydrofluoric Acid
-Nitric Acid
-Phosphoric Acid
-Sulfuric Acid
-Ammonia Water
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Ammonium Fluoride aq. Solution
-Citric Acid aq. Solution
-Tartaric Acid aq. Solution
-Perchloric Acid
-Sodium Hydroxide aq. Solution
-Potassium Hydroxide aq. Solution
-50% Cerium (lV) Diammonium Nitrate Solution

High Purity Solvents
-2-MEK / 2-Butanone
-4-(MIBK) / 4-Methyl-2-pentanone
– Methanol
-Ethanol (99.5)
-Denaturated Ethanol
-Ethyl Acetate
-Isopentyl Actetate
-PGMEA / Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate
-N-(NMP) / N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone
-EL-GBL / g-Butyrolactone


Acrylates : BA, MA, EA and 2-EHA, HEA
Cirtric acid : CAA and CAM
Fumaric acid
Maleic anhydride (briguettes + falkes )

Copper Chloride
Fluoro Chemicals
Acrylamide Crystal
Sodium Percabonate
Amines (MEA,DEA, TEA)
Tripolyphosphine (TPP)
Trimellitic anhydride (TMA)
Trimethylolpropane (TMP)
Phosphorous acid 99%
Epoxy Resins liquid and solid
Light Stabilizer 622,944,770,789
Zinc Chloride and Zinc oxide
Pentaerythritol 98% , 95%, 92%
Magnesium pure /Magnesium alloy
Organic Phosphonates : HEDP, PBTC, ATMP
UV-Absorber : 234, 320, 325,326,327,328,329
Persulphates (Sodium , Ammonium, Potassium)
Flame retardents : Aluminium Hydroxide, DBDPO, BPS, HBCD
Titanium Dioxide Rutile & Anatase (sulphonation process)
Antioxidiants for the plastics industry : 1010, 1076,168,3114, E201,626

MB 68

Organic pigments
Inorganic pigments
Pigment preparations
VAE Redispersible powder
MgAl Silicate compound

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